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Focus On Talent


Our Business Model Is SIMPLE and DIFFERENT - We focus on Attracting And Advocating TALENT - Unique And EXCEPTIONAL TALENT In The Sectors WE Serve Matched With COMPANIES That Demand The EXCEPTIONAL.


The Candidate Experience


  • At Fort Point Our Candidate RELATIONSHIP Is Different. We Discover You Through Referrals, We Want To Discover Others Through YOU. Its How We Grow Together To Create A Great Company Made Of Great People. Ask Us About Our Referral Program.
  • Our KNOWLEDGE Of Your Skills And Your Chosen Industry Will Not Disappoint You. Fort Point's Leadership And Talent Managers Have More Than 75 Years Combined Experience In The Career Management Of Engineering And Information Technology Talent. We KNOW What You Do.
  • You Will Not Wait On Fort Point - We Respect Your Time. We Know That Our RESPONSE Time To Your Inquiries Is Important To You. We Are Committed To Being Different And Exceptionally Responsive.
  • Fort Point Talent Managers Will Work To Earn Your TRUST. We Know That Trust Is The Foundation Of Lasting Relationships. Its What We Will Achieve Together.


 Experience The Difference

We Make The Small Things UNFORGETTABLE 

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